SPL is a software testing and development company for mobile, consoles, VR, PC and servers.

Our History

SPL was founded in 2002. Since then we have developed, localized and tested over 1000 different projects. Experience we have gained from developing software and games allows us to create the highest quality standards in software testing, that are trusted by world’s largest developers and publishers. We helped them to release award-winning apps with high rates in stores. As an independent development company, we perfectly understand how quality affects final success of the product.

As an independent development company, we perfectly understand how quality affects final success of the product. Satisfying our clients and end users is our main uncompromising goal.

Our Benefits

After 14 years of work in this industry, SPL is observing, trying and choosing the most effective methodologies of testing. As a result are were able to find and put to practice effective approaches to each and every type of application to assure high quality of final product.

To make sure that the final product will work correctly for all users. Our testlab has a huge variety of mobile devices, desktops, gaming consoles and browsers. It allows us to test products in all potential conditions end users may face to.

Over 100 highly qualified employees in quality assurance, consulting and support at SPL and all neсessary tools and experience are aimed to complete most difficult and specific tasks without outsourcing third party employees:

For the years of practice, we have created an effective scheme of work with our partners. We can offer several schemes of cooperation and each of them is easy to adjust for comfortable conditions.

Our Approaches

All production processes in SPL are transparent. You can access information about them at any given time through the communication and management systems. Besides that, you will be able to get a detailed report about all activity on the project. We never forget about confidentiality of all information that have been trusted to us; all projects are protected by non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Just in a few hours after receiving your offer we begin to study the project and analyze the requirements. After that we will send you a document with all stages of the project, estimated time and price list. From that moment we can modify this document according to your needs and wishes. After finalization of the tasks we make a project schedule, assign a team of QA Engineers and form the final budget. With this methodic, start of most projects takes from one to three days, even considering your wishes and changes.

Ready to discuss each point of the contract? Need a dedicated team of testers from the very beginning of the project? Or, conversely, require an immediate assistance at the stage of completion? SPL is ready not only to adapt to your needs, but to give recommendations for problem solution and further actions at any stage of project development.